Call for Abstracts

BNS, September 22 (Fri) - 23 (Sat), 2023 SIGNIEL, Busan, Korea

Complication Session

In this session, the participants will share their mortality or serious morbidity cases from either open surgery or endovascular procedures. The aim of this session is to generate fair discussion of cerebrovascular complications so that we can learn from each other’s experience and improve our practice to achieve better outcomes for our patients.

Rules for the speakers:

  • Each speaker will be given exactly [TBD] minutes to present one case only.
  • Each speaker must present his or her own patient’s case.
  • Please prepare a case with major cerebrovascular complications that eventually led to mortality or significant morbidity.
  • Try to focus on the case itself, omitting introduction or review of the literature.

Rules for the audience:

  • When you want to make a comment, move forward to the microphones and wait until the moderators recognize you.
  • Please make critical and constructive comments briefly, while being polite to the speakers.
  • For confidentiality reasons, taking photos or recording video is strictly forbidden.

** This presentation format is modified from the Jacobs Institutes Cerebrovascular Complications Conference (3C) guideline **