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BNS, September 22 (Fri) - 23 (Sat), 2023 SIGNIEL, Busan, Korea

About Busan

Welcome to Busan
Busan, a city with beautiful mountains, rivers and the sea, is also an important cultural city. With the Nakdonggang River bordering the city and picturesque scenery gaining nationwide attention, like that found in Haeundae, the city serves as a major nexus of cultural activities in the region. Busan is also Korea’s first international port city. Its location enables the city to serve as a main gateway for the Korean Peninsula as well as the rest of the Northeast Asian region.
Busan Travel Information
Global events including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, Busan International Film Festival and Busan International Fireworks Festival, as well as various sea-related festivals are held throughout the year.
The city is also a tourist destination and home to Asia’s largest department store, Haeundae beach, and a yacht marina.
Located on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is a historic city that served as the temporary capital during the Korean War and refuge for men, women and children fleeing the North to build new lives.
Special Activity in Busan
Busan is the second largest city in the country, and it’s overflowing with thrilling experiences and all sorts of cultural and coastal attractions. From hiking to sea temples to cruising the air, Busan is the perfect weekend getaway for friends, foodies, and adventurous travelers who want an escape from the bustle of Seoul.